For teenage and young adult clients, we provide services to address deficits in social/communicative and executive functioning skills.

This includes appropriate conversational skills and establishing and maintaining friendships.

We also work to reduce maladaptive behaviors relating to Adaptive Daily Living Skills (ADLS), such as self-care and household responsibilities. By reducing these maladaptive behaviors, we can increase independence and self-management of executive functioning abilities. We also address deficits with community and vocational skills.

Our mission is to help our teens and young adults function as independently as possible across caregivers and environments.


Welcome to Bloom, your trusted partner in promoting social growth and connection for teens and young adults in Atlantic Beach, FL. Proudly serving the greater Jacksonville area, our Teen/Young Adult Social Groups offer a welcoming space for adolescents and young adults to build meaningful relationships, enhance social skills, and foster a sense of belonging. At Bloom, we believe that strong social connections are essential for personal growth and well-being.

Expertly Facilitated Social Groups

Bloom boasts a team of experienced facilitators who specialize in guiding teens and young adults toward enhanced social competence and self-confidence. Our carefully designed social group sessions provide a supportive environment for participants to connect and thrive.

Age-Appropriate Programming

Understanding the unique needs of adolescents and young adults, our social groups are tailored to be age-appropriate, ensuring that participants engage in discussions and activities that resonate with their experiences and interests.

Fostering Meaningful Relationships

At Bloom, we’re committed to cultivating genuine friendships. Our social groups focus on building strong interpersonal connections, encouraging participants to connect on a deeper level and develop lasting relationships.

Skill-Building for Life Success

Beyond fostering social connections, our social groups equip participants with essential life skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork – skills that are vital for future personal and professional endeavors.

Safe and Inclusive Space

Bloom provides a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free space where teens and young adults can express themselves authentically. We celebrate diversity and encourage open dialogue.

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If you’re looking for Teen/Young Adult Social Groups that promote growth, connection, and belonging in Atlantic Beach, FL, Bloom is here to support you. Choose Bloom’s Teen/Young Adult Social Groups for a transformative journey towards meaningful relationships, enhanced social skills, and personal empowerment. Join us as we bloom together.