Activities for social group participants have been developed to specifically address the deficits outlined in the Vanderbilt TRIAD social assessment completed by both supervising clinicians, and using the parent rating forms.

Each activity is designed to “build” off of the skills addressed the week prior. Although activities are generic in nature, each one is modified and tailored to meet the specific needs outlined in each client’s plan of care.

The details of the activities outlined within each agenda are designed to give caregivers a clear and detailed idea of what took place during social group. This will allow caregivers an opportunity to fully engage with their child to ask questions with prompting, if necessary, to increase their conversation skills, and memory.

At Bloom we are excited to help our Super Sprouts develop friendships that will give them confidence, security, and higher self esteem levels.


Welcome to Bloom, where young children in Atlantic Beach, FL, can blossom into confident individuals through our Super Sprouts Social Group. As a trusted provider of pediatric behavioral health services in the greater Jacksonville area, we are dedicated to nurturing social skills, fostering friendships, and building a strong foundation for future growth. At Bloom, we believe that every child’s journey begins with positive connections.

Expertly Designed Social Group

Bloom’s Super Sprouts Social Group is carefully curated to provide young children with a comfortable and engaging environment to interact, learn, and develop essential social skills under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

Playful and Purposeful Activities

We understand that young children learn best through play. Our social group sessions are filled with interactive games, art projects, and group activities that promote communication, cooperation, and shared experiences.

Early Social Skill Development

Super Sprouts is tailored for young children at a crucial stage of development. We focus on foundational social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, active listening, and expressing emotions in a healthy way.

Encouraging Self-Expression

At Bloom, we encourage every child’s unique voice. Through creative activities and discussions, we empower children to express themselves confidently and connect with their peers in a positive manner.

Building Friendships

The Super Sprouts Social Group offers a platform for children to build new friendships. We foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where children can form connections that extend beyond our sessions.

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If you’re seeking a nurturing Super Sprouts Social Group for young children in Atlantic Beach, FL, Bloom is here to help. Choose Bloom’s Super Sprouts Social Group for a joyful and enriching early social development experience. Let us be part of your child’s journey as they sprout into confident and socially adept individuals.